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Western Beef launches pilot with Instacart for online grocery delivery in Florida, and the tri-state

On Thursday, April 4th, Western Beef launched a six month pilot with leading grocery eCommerce service provider Instacart. The pilot will include most of Western Beef's stores which will include Florida, and the tri-state area, which will cover every borough in New York City. The new service will provide online grocery deliveries from Western Beef store locations. The pilot will be the biggest of its kind for Western Beef which operates in locations where this sort of service is very limited.

A spokesperson from Western Beef had this to say about the launch:

"We are incredibly excited as we are optimistic over the launch of this pilot. Instacart is the market leader in their space and we believe they will bring a much needed service to the communities that we serve as well as bring new jobs."

The pilot will last six months. For more information on which stores, media, or other inquires, please direct your questions to,

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