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Cactus Holdings is a proud proponent of Opportunity Zones and spurring job creation in these communi

As a result of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of December 22nd, 2017, there was introduced to the United States a new piece of tax legislation aimed at spurring economic activity and job creation in economically distressed areas. The new legislation allows for investors to bypass capital gains tax by investing in Qualified Opportunity Zones through an investment vehicle known as a Qualified Opportunity Fund. Investments can happen either through Real Estate or bringing a business to an Opportunity Zone.

For FAQ regarding Opportunity Zones and Qualified Opportunity Funds, please visit the IRS's website.

The new legislation opened a world of potential and opportunity for Cactus Holdings whose extensive real estate portfolio is comprised primarily of New York metropolitan properties within these zones with its subsidiary, Western Beef, being the main driver.

For more information on New York State and and New York City Opportunity Zones, please visit the Empire State Development's website.

Cactus Holdings has made it a priority to get behind this federal initiative to spur economic development and bring quality jobs to these often forgotten areas. Cactus Holdings has long been a proponent of investing in these communities and looks to improve these communities through development and generating job growth.

For more information on Cactus Holdings Opportunity Zone strategy or to see how you can get involved, please reach out to

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