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Cactus Holdings and National Food Distributors enter into supply agreement with Food Depot, Extra Su

Cactus Holdings in partnership with wholesaler National Food Distributors announces that they have entered into supply agreements with three Food Depot supermarkets, three Extra Supermarkets, and two Western Beef supermarkets which will also be part of licensing agreements. All stores are located in the Tri-state area. The agreement is to entail discounted services, supplies, and financing, in addition to supplying meat, seafood, produce and much more through National Food Distributors.

An executive at Cactus Holdings had this to say about the strategic partnership:

"It's great to see our network of strategic partnerships expand like it has over such a short amount of time and see our new business plan come to fruition. This is the next step in our plan to help supermarkets in the tri-state grow by providing discounted services, technology support, real estate opportunities, financing for a variety of areas, and most importantly allowing them to tap into our buying power with our partnership with NFD."

For more information on Cactus Holdings or National Food Distributors please visit their websites or reach out by email at or

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