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National Food Distributors engages with Metro HD to explore development of 800k+ square foot facili

On Tuesday, November 27th, 2018, National Food Distributors announced that it was in talks with Metro Holdings and Development to explore a possible build out over 800,000+ square feet for their food distribution and cold storage facility in Ridgewood, Queens which will also include space for self-storage. NFD is exploring plans to expand their facility so they compensate for the recent growth of the company. The growth has pressured NFD to find a logistics solution which would require more space. The project would be one of the largest development projects of its kind in the Ridgewood, Queens area and one of the biggest wholesale food developments in the city's history. An executive at NFD had this to say about the announcement: "We're committed to staying local, keeping jobs and serving our customers from our home. With that being said, we have to be transparent that the space constraints and costs we face in the New York market. These are serious challenges. We're confident that by working with Metro Holdings & Development that we will find a solution. NFD is undoubtedly a value creator for our city. We bring strong jobs and provide healthy fresh options through our produce and meats that the entire region benefits from. We will remain optimistic as we explore solutions with Metro." The news comes after NFD announcing its entering of the New York market and Cactus Holdings announcing a partnership with developer Metro Holdings & Development Corporation. There is no announced timeline at this time.

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