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571 9th Avenue New York, NY

Prime Rental Opportunity in the Heart of Times Square

8,000 SF

Buildable SF

43,045 Total Residential Population Within A 1/2 Mile 9,500+ residential Units And 1,900+ hotel rooms

• Planned Over The Course Of The Next 10 Years In Hudson Yards And Midtown West 66,000 residents In Greater Times Square Area

  5,000+ new Residential Units In The Area


• By 2020 225,000 people Use The Port Authority Busterminal Each Weekday And 65+ million Annually 237,864 estimated

  Daytime Population (Office)within A 1/2 Mile

First Floor Layout

Ground Level

1,000 SF

23' Ceiling Height

Lower Level

7,000 SF

14'  Ceiling Height

Lower Level Layout

Neighboring Retailers

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