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Retail Brands Portfolio

Millennium Food Group

Under the management of Millennium Food Group we Design, Source and Create distinctive brands that offer a unique Customer Experience in any retail setting.


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1906 Butchershop

When an European immigrant family opened their first butcher shop in NYC (circa 1906), little did they know a meat empire was born. By meticulously sourcing the finest available quality meats 1906 grew and grew.By the 1970’s these quality products were being sold across Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island. Today 1906 is sold throughout the Northeast and is quickly expanding across the country. After all these years 1906 is still proudly family owned and operated and features “Over a Century of Flavor” from old style butchery techniques that have been handed down from generation to generation. We invite you to try 1906 and “Taste the Difference” that over 100 years of experience brings.

Delicioso - Primera Calidad

Created to provide a collection of premium quality products steeped in the heritage of Latin American cuisine, Delicioso’s foundation focuses strongly on family and tradition.  Every product that we feature has been carefully selected to ensure that the highest quality, best taste, and most desirable price is available. If it’s not delicious, it’s not Delicioso.

Farm Fresh Guaranteed

The Farm Fresh Guaranteed brand provides fresh products that add delight to your morning breakfast using high quality ingredients straight from the farm.


Soley was founded on the belief that that a product should not merely fulfill its intended purpose but instead it should enrich people’s daily lives. Soley products do not just clean, they refresh whatever they are used on and infuse them with the scents and essence of the tropical Caribbean. Every Soley product is enriched with natural  aromas native to the Caribbean isles. One spray transports you to directly to the beach where you feel the sand beneath your toes and the breeze of the ocean. Islands, Paradise, Oasis, all in a bottle of Soap. That is Soley.


Chick's Chicken is high quality frozen chicken wings, Breaded Chicken and Premium Sauces at a value price.

blu water

If you have a taste for refreshing, revitalizing spring water bottled at the source or one of our unique flavored  zero calorie seltzer water Blu will be sure to quench your thirst.

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